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Asset Distribution

Losing your loved one is a stressful time and with all the preparations required it can quickly become overwhelming. With a will as guidance it can still be difficult to keep track of creditors that may need to be paid, distributions of assets, taxes, or conflict between family members. As an executor you are entrusted to faithfully carry out your loved ones wishes and mediate any disputes that may arise regarding distribution of assets. As Executor you are obligated to take those duties seriously as you could be held liable for mistakes made during distribution.

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A properly prepared will names an executor to carry out the required administrative duties. As the executor you may be overwhelmed with the duties and logistics of fulfilling the distribution of assets. With the help of an attorney from Wolfe Ossa Law you can carry out the wishes detailed in the Will of your loved ones while protecting your rights and interests along the way.

Get help keeping track of your duties

  • Notify any beneficiaries
  • File and pay any appropriate taxes
  • Distribute assets towards payment of debts
  • Liquidation of applicable assets
  • Distribution of remaining assets to beneficiaries
  • Any other responsibility required by law or requested through Will

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Prepare with Wolfe Ossa Law

Prepare with Wolfe Ossa Law


Meet with a qualified attorney to discuss your needs


Create a plan tailored to meet your specific needs.

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