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Partnership Agreements

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Partnership Agreements

Starting a new business is a fulfilling but complicated process. Having counsel to aid in the process of starting a new business, buying, or maintaining an established business makes it easier to focus on your entrepreneurial endeavors. You may also decide to enter a business endeavor with the aid of a partner. Having a partner can help you balance the responsibilities that a business requires and even help you with your work and personal life balance. There are many benefits to establishing a formal agreement between yourself and your intended partners.

Why should you formally write out your agreement?

Having a partnership can be one of the most beneficial documents you can write in the best interest of your business. This legal document allows you and your partner(s) to decide roles and responsibilities in connection to your organization. With a legal partnership agreement, you will be able to have a single source that spell out responsibilities as well as consequences if any part of the agreement is breached. It will also allow you to have more safety of mind knowing that the more intimate details of your business are settled.

Consider the next steps that will benefit your business

Whether you’re creating a start-up or are maintain an established family business, the attorneys at Wolfe Ossa Law can help you. Besides extensive legal knowledge accumulated over 15 years, they also have over 25 years of live entrepreneurial experience.

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Meet with a qualified attorney to discuss your needs


Create a plan tailored to meet your specific needs.

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