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Will Contests

A Will serves to make the intentions of a person clear in regard to how they wish to leave their assets behind and to who, as well as final wishes and messages to their loved ones. The appointed Executor is entrusted to not only distribute assets but also manage issues that may arise due to disagreement over distribution. Those who have assets left to them or believe they have a claim over an asset are considered interested parties of the estate. It is possible that you or a loved one as an interested party may take issue with the Will.

There are of course requirements that a complaint must meet in order to be considered a valid contest to a Will. At Wolfe Ossa Law we have experience both defending a valid Will and contesting suspicious Wills

Why might a Will be Contested

The final Will is intended to make clear the desires of the signer. It is made when the individual is of sound mind and able to communicate with their attorney or whoever they completed their original Will with. If there is a sufficient reason to suspect that the Will is fraudulent or not true to the actual desires of your loved one, then you may be within your right to contest it or the executor.


The attorneys at Wolfe Ossa Law can help you determine the validity of the Will to ensure the desires of your loved one are faithfully executed. Consider the following as reasons why you may be suspicious of the validity of the Will.

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  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Poor Investment by executor
  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Undue Influence of your loved one
  • Removal of an executor
  • Other reasons that may require discussion/details

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