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Lease Agreements

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Lease Agreements

Lease agreements are not just for renters. When you are attempting to find suitable locations for your business you may find that it is easier to rent a location to fit your needs. A lease is an agreement between two parties that agree to exchange access to a certain space in exchange for a certain fee. A space is an overlooked portion of your business planning. A new space that seems perfect now may later not be enough years later as your business expands. If the lease agreement is not clear you may face later issues such as large fees.

How can a lease really help me?

When a lease is properly executed you will be able to avoid later issues that can sour your personal or business relationships. You can open yourself up to liability and future conflicts if you are only bound by a verbal agreement. Verbal agreements may also be forgotten over time, which makes it difficult to refer to in case of a dispute.

How can a lawyer help?

A lease is particularly helpful as it can clarify fees or conditions for use of a space. An attorney can help you create a lease if you are leasing your space or can help you bring one to a property owner. You may also find it useful to bring a lease to an attorney to verify not only the validity of the terms of a lease but also that the terms and conditions do not jeopardize you or your business.

Consider options beyond a cookie cutter document

  • Apartment Lease
  • Condo/Rental Lease
  • Short Term Lease
  • Rent to Own Agreement
  • Lease with Option to Purchase
  • Other lease agreement relevant to your business situation.

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