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Couples get a lot of attention on Valentine’s Day, but if you’re single or just looking to treat yourself, consider getting your Estate Planning done. Make sure you’re protected, check an item off your bucket list, and give yourself peace of mind.

Estate Planning is something we all dread. We get that, we really do, it’s a lot of gloom and doom. But what you might not know, is that without proper estate planning, you could leave your loved ones in horrible, more expensive, more time consuming conditions than if you had just taken the hour to sit down and talk to us.

In our profession we see a lot of the “worst case scenario”. People who have spent their whole lives busting their butts, saving every penny, taking care of their family, hoping to leave their loved ones something, just to lose it all to nursing homes, medical bills, or scams. Good Estate Planning can protect you from all of that.

If you don’t have a spouse or children to leave your assets to, you’re likely looking at major tax consequences. Inheritance tax is paid based on the relationship between the person inheriting and the decedent. It also makes the probate process more time consuming and costly,  having a Will can avoid those issues.

So this Valentine’s Day, treat yourself to a FREE Estate Planning consultation with Wolfe Ossa Law!

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