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Senior Scams Elder Fraud

Senior scams are becoming more and more common in America. Unfortunately sometimes we don’t find out that our loved ones have been scammed until after their passing. The loss of a parent is devastating and springs new legal responsibilities on their child if the deceased parents have named them as the executor of their estate. James faced exactly this situation after the unfortunate loss of his father. While examining the numerous documents and account statements left behind by his father, James noticed serious discrepancies and realized that his father may have fallen victim to elder fraud.

After investigating the investment and banking accounts of his father, James realized a serious amount of money was completely unaccounted for. His late father’s lover had apparently stolen a sizable quantity of James’s father’s fortune for herself prior to his passing.

Rather than allow her to get away with her theft, James brought the issue to a judge. After much time and litigation, it was finally issued that his father’s late lover would be forced to hand over all the stolen money. Even with the court order, the woman ardently refused to hand over the money and became completely unresponsive.

Cristian Ossa Esq. was able to find a legal backdoor to suck the money out of the accounts of this woman, even though she was completely unresponsive and evading the demands of the court. The money from the father was immediately returned, and James could finally finish handling the affairs (learn more about the probate process here and here) of his beloved father.  Senior scams are very serious, James was able to recover his father’s money, but others are not always so lucky.

You can also learn more about sheltering your assets here. A trust can make sure that you and your loved ones are protected. –

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