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Senior Scams

Senior scams often effect the living, however occasionally an individual will wait until the senior passes away in order to try to claim an inheritance that they are not actually entitled to.

Martin had two sons and he lived a long and happy life with his family. When he passed, his sons, who got along very well assumed this would be a simple estate. After all, no one in his family was fighting, they were all mourning the loss of their family patriarch, and just wanted to put this all behind them. But before they could distribute dad’s assets, a woman appeared claiming to be their long lost sister.

She lived across the country, but told them that their father had had an affair with her mother when he was traveling and so she was entitled to a portion of his Estate. Now, the brothers had never heard of her, their dad had never mentioned  traveling to her home state, never mentioned another woman, or a daughter. So they didn’t believe a word of what she said, they assumed it was one of those senior scams they’d heard about.

But she sued them, she challenged the Will and declared that she was entitled to her inheritance. There was mandatory discovery, depositions, and research. The brothers spent thousands of dollars defending the lawsuit. After all was said a done, a DNA test revealed she was a 0% match to their father. The case was dismissed, but she is still adamant that he’s her father. Even though the brother’s won the case, damage was still done, the Estate lost thousands fighting this self-proclaimed sister, just to prove her wrong. But it could have been much worse, if they had lost, they would have had to give her a full share of dad’s Estate.

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