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senior scams

Senior scams aren’t always strangers calling pretending to be your grandson in need of money. Many senior scams are actually perpetrated by close friends or family members.

Tim and Terri, two divorcees, met and fell in love. They spent over 40 years together, raised each others kids, and bought a home together, but never married. Tim was afraid his creditors might come after the home, so they put it in Terri’s name only. Tim didn’t mind, he trusted his partner and her Will said everything would go to him anyway.

Terri’s kids were less than thrilled when she and Tim got together, and it drove a wedge between the family. Eventually Terri’s kids left the picture all together, even though they lived less than 5 miles away. That is, until he got sick. Two days before Terri passed away her estranged son brought his wife’s boss, an attorney, to Terri’s hospital room to sign a new Will that he had drafted for her. The Will cut Tim out completely and left everything to Terri’s son and grandkids. Tim had no idea.

The day after Terri passed, the son drove to Tim and Terri’s home and told Tim to get the f*ck out, this was his home now, and Tim was SOL. And the son emptied all of Terri’s accounts, leaving Tim homeless and penniless. Tim came to us to challenge the Will. Even though he won, the road was long and costly.

If Tim and Terri had used a Trust or a Life Estate Deed, to protect their house and their assets, Tim would have been protected and in a much better position when Terri passed. Having a good Estate Plan makes all the difference.

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