Senior Scams Series – The Car...

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Senior scams are common because they work. Scammers will gain your trust so that they can get close to you in order to rob you blind. Wolfe Ossa Law is dedicated to presenting options that will protect your assets from unscrupulous people.

We created a trust for the disabled children and grandchildren, as well as another trust for Dad and Daughter.

Dad begins to get lonely and gets companionship from a young woman. Dad grows so fond of her that he appoints her to be his Power of Attorney. The companion now requests to be written into his Will. When the couple visits our office, we once again practice due diligence and check his state of mind by asking him a few softball questions. It soon becomes apparent that Dad seems to be parroting phrases made earlier by the female companion.

Concerned, we begin to ask him about the compensation he provides his companion. Dad refuses to give a direct answer, instead saying he pays her “enough” and that it isn’t large financial burden. Since we already know the worth of his estate, we begin to provide him with amounts that may seem likely that he could be paying this companion, but it quickly becomes apparent he has absolutely no idea how much he is paying. His companion, who has refused to leave the room to allow us to interview him, begins to block our questioning by claiming it is “none of our business” how much she receives from Dad. Although we suspect Dad is being heavily influenced by the companion, we decide to lay off questioning to avoid spooking the companion and causing her to prevent us from checking in on Dad.

Once we examine the Will and parameters of the trust, we discover we have already guarded some of his assets by creating Trusts, however since we had last spoken, Dad was still in the process of transferring the remaining assets. We encourage Dad to move his assets into the trusts to ensure they’re protected as he had originally set them aside for his family. We also encourage him to take advantage of his benefits as a Veteran and apply to be in a Veteran’s home where he will have constant care and have the ability to communicate with other Veterans.

Against the best interests of the dad, the companion convinced him not to enter a Veteran’s home. She provided him with false information so that he would completely turn against the idea of entering a Veteran’s home.

If that weren’t bad enough, the companion completely disappeared with Dad in tow after emptying his accounts for “safe-keeping”. Adult Protective Services had to be contacted in order to rescue him from undue influence (i.e. senior scams) and attempt to find the rest of his stolen money. The only money that had been safely protected were those assets we had helped him shelter in his Trust.

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